Bills Blue Bar – FAQ

  • What are the working hours of the bar?

    The working hours are displayed on our website’s contact page, kindly do check them and plan accordingly to visit our bar.

  • Do I need to book tables beforehand?

    No need to book tables beforehand, we have got a spacious ambiance where a lot of space to accommodate our guests.

  • How long can I stay at the bar?

    During a full-time play of the games one can stay as long as the game goes on, there are a lot of people to assist the guests, so sit back enjoy the game.

  • What are all the beverages available?

    There are a lot of beverages available in our bar, classified into alcoholic and non-alcoholic and one can choose accordingly.

  • What are all the games you let the guest watch?

    We give significance to all sports like Football, Soccer, and Basketball. We often show games like NFL, FIFA or other local club matches and NBA.

  • Are there non-alcoholic beverages?

    Yes, we do have a lot of non-alcoholic beverages such as champagne, mild wines, and Breezers etc. One can enjoy drinking here.

  • What about the payments?

    One can make payments in many ways such as credit/debit card, or it is possible to make payments through mobile phones with the help of the e-wallets.

Blue Bills Sports Bar & Tap Room
5647 Highway 126,
Oregon 97439.

phone: (541) 997-7529